Available canvas prints of my artwork. Choose from:


 "The law of one (The RA codes)" 2021

Digital artwork.  Canvas measures 60 x 40 cm


"Merkaba activation" 2022 

Digital artwork.  Canvas measures 40 x 30 cm


Energetic frequency art - Encoded with symbols/light codes that have a positive transformative effect on the viewers energy field. Whether that be consciously, or subconsciously.


A digitally drawn piece of art with sacred geometric pattern. 


I intuitively received the light codes whilst in meditation and interpreted them into symbols. 


Currently available canvas prints

  • Choose from:
    "The law of one (The Ra codes)" 2021 60 x 40cm canvas.

    "Merkaba activation" 2022 40 x 30 cm canvas. 

    Signed by artist.


    On screen colours may differ slightly from the actual product, depending on the device you are viewing the artwork on.