As conscious beings of light we all of us, vibrate at differing and unique frequencies.
Deep within our souls, each of us holds a blueprint of our lives (past, present and future) and this blueprint contains light codes that are sacred to you.

I channel these sacred soul codes using my inner vision,through tuning into your energetic field. Somewhat like a soul compass assisting you in retracing all aspects of self.

Each symbol holds the purest frequency of divine love, and so supports you wholly as your unique journey unfolds.

Use it during meditation, carry it with you for wellbeing support and tune into your souls frequencies.

Soul code energy reading

  •  An A6 (postcard size) piece of artwork on card, in gold ink with a black, gold and white border, ready for you to frame. Plus the original pen drawings that I channeled.

    You will receive 3 sacred light codes.


    Signed by artist.

    On screen colours may differ slightly from the actual product, depending on the device you are viewing the artwork on.