"The codex of the universe (Codes from the stars) 2021

Digital artwork.


Energetic frequency art - Encoded with symbols/light codes that have a positive transformative effect on the viewers energy field. Whether that be consciously, or subconsciously.


A digitally drawn piece of art in black & white with sacred geometric pattern. 


I intuitively received the light codes whilst in meditation and interpreted them into symbols. 


The codex of the universe (Codes from the stars) 2021

  • Choose from:
    -A3 signed archival print. (42 x 29.7cm )
    -A4 signed archival print. (29.7 x 21 cm)
    Printed on Fotospeed  NST Bright white 315gsm archival cotton paper with dye based inks to capture the quality of the original piece. 
    It has a white border for ease of framing and is signed and titled. 


    Signed by artist.

    On screen colours may differ slightly from the actual product, depending on the device you are viewing the artwork on.